Akari Masyu is a hybrid of Akari and Masyu, in which the cells in a grid are lit-up by placing lightbulbs and no lightbulbs shine on each other and a single, non-intersecting loop that passes through all empty cells is drawn.


The objective is to light up all white cells, and draw a single, non-intersecting loop, subject to the following rules:

  1. Lightbulbs shine every cell vertically and horizontally until they reach a black cell or the boundary.
  2. Numbers in some black cells denote the number of lightbulbs in adjacent cells.
  3. Lightbulbs themselves are not lit by other lightbulbs.
  4. All cells not occupied by lightbulbs must contain a single, non-intersecting loop.
  5. At black cells the loop has a turn of 90°. The loop must also go straight through the cells immediately before and after on the path.
  6. At white cells the line travels straight through. The must turn in the cells immediately before and/or after on the path.


A standard 10x10 akari masyu puzzle and its solution.

Akari Masyu Example
Akari Masyu Answer