Battleships is an object placement puzzle where the ships given must be located within the grid.


The objective is to add ships to the grid, subject to the following rules:

  1. All given ships on the in the key must be included in the grid with no others.
  2. Numbers on some rows and columns indicate the numbers of cells filled by ships.
  3. No ship may touch another, even diagonally.


A standard 10x10 battleships and its solution.

Battleships Example
Battleships Solution


Unless otherwise indicated, standard battleships rules apply to all variants.

Retrograde Battleships: The grid contains possible placements for all ships, the correct locations of the ships needs shading in.

Minesweeper Battleships: Clues in the grid indicate the surrounding cells containing battleships (including diagonally). Ships are not allowed on clue cells.

Digital Battleships: All cells in the grid contain numbers which the ship must be placed upon. The values outside the grid give the sum of the cells containing ships in that row or column.

Lighthouse Battleships: The grid contains lighthouse which counts the number of cells containing ships in the same row and column. Ships cannot touch the lighthouses, even diagonally.

Wildcard Battleships: Some cells contain ships, however, only the location is given, both the part of the ship and its orientation are hidden.