Coloured Akari is a variant of Akari, in which the cells in a grid are split into either shaded or unshaded.


The objective is to light up all white cells, subject to the following rules:

  1. Lightbulbs are either blue, red or yellow.
  2. Lightbulbs shine every cell vertically and horizontally until they reach a coloured cell or the boundary.
  3. Numbers in some cells denote the number of lightbulbs in adjacent cells.
  4. Lightbulbs themselves are not lit by other lightbulbs.
  5. Beams of the same colour may not cross, beams of different colours may cross.
  6. The colours of cells denote the colour of the bulbs in vertically and horizontally cells. Blue, red and yellow cells only have bulbs of their co-responding colours only.
  7. Other colours have lightbulbs of at least two colours in vertically and horizontally cells as follows; purple - blue and red, green - blue and yellow, orange - red and yellow, brown - blue, red and yellow. Black cells are considered wild.


A standard 10x10 coloured akari and its solution.

Coloured Akari Example
Coloured Akari Solution