Corral is a binary determination puzzle in which the cells in a grid are split into either shaded or unshaded.


The objective is to divide the grid into shaded and unshaded cells, subject to the following rules:

  1. All clues must be contained within the loop.
  2. With the loop itself blocking the line of sight, the clue displays the number of other squares can be seen from that cell vertically and horizontally.


A standard 10x10 corral and its solution.

Corral Example
Corral Solution


Unless otherwise indicated, standard corral rules apply to all variants.

In/Out Corral: Clues are allowed to appear outside of the loop, and display the number of other squares can be seen from that cell vertically and horizontally until the loop or the edge of the grid.

Crate Corral: Crates now appear within the loop that block the lines of sight. They occupy a 1x1 area and cannot touch the loop at any point. Additionally coloured clues may be added, these must be included inside the loop and count the number of directions that square’s sight is blocked by a crate.

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