Hebi-Ichigo is a number placement logic puzzle where strings of numbers must be entered into a grid.


The objective is insert strings of numbers 1 to 5, subject to the following rules:

  1. Numbers form a sequential string of five from 1 (head) to 5 (tail) connected horizontally and/or vertically with no branches.
  2. Strings cannot touch other strings horizontally or vertically, diagonally is allowed.
  3. Strings are not allowed to appear in front of the head of another string. This being the line of sight from the side of the 1 opposite the 2, to the nearest black cell or the edge of the grid.
  4. The numbers in the black cell shows the value of the nearest number in the direction of the arrow which must appear before the nearest black cell. A 0 indicates there is no string in the direction of the arrow until the nearest black cell or the edge of the grid.


A standard 10x10 hebi-ichago and its solution.

Hebi-Ichigo Example
Hebi-Ichigo Solution

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