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LITS is binary determination puzzle in which the cells in a grid are split into either shaded or unshaded.


The objective is paint four connected cells in each shape, subject to the following rules:

  1. No two of the same tetrominos, including rotations / reflections are allowed to touch.
  2. All painted cells must connect upon completion.
  3. No 2x2 area of painted cells is allowed.


A standard 10x10 LITS and its solution.

LITS Example
LITS Solution


Unless otherwise indicated, standard LITS rules apply to all variants.

LITSO: A 2x2 area of shaded cell is allowed as is the O tetromino.

LITS Twin: Two tetrominos appear in each shape, however must be kept seperate.

Barrier LITS: Some shapes include barriers between cells, tetrominos are not allowed to appear on both sides of the barrier.

LITS Quad: Four tetrominoes, one of each of L, I, T and S appear in each shape, however must be kept separate.

LITS+: Some shapes may remain empty, however no 2x2 area of white cells is allowed.

LITS Inversed: Each shape contains an unshaded tetromino. All shaded cells are connected and there is no 2x2 area of shaded cells.

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