Welcome to the Logic Puzzle Wiki

This is a blog about the many genres of logic puzzle and their variants. This features the rules and examples you need to start solving.



How you can help

This wikia is being populated at the moment with all the logic puzzle types out there. Currently pages are being created and filled with info on each - the to-do list is just below.

  1. Pages need adding and populating with information - description, rules, an example and variants for each.
  2. Variants need a brief overview of each with special rules.
  3. Meta-variants (e.g. cypher, liar, hexagonal) and hybrids need pages set up for easy navigation - with a link to the parent genres for hybrid variations.
  4. Examples for variants are also needed, target size is 10x10 for most puzzles, 9x9 for sudokus.

Please remember to seek the permission of authors for use of their puzzles and if you are the author, please feel free to credit yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site.

Chris Green